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We are a creative studio specializing in architecture, construction R&D and art curation. Founded in 2023 by Laure Friès in Paris, our studio is dedicated to exploring diverse fields. Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to push the boundaries of traditional architecture, integrating innovative construction techniques and artistic expressions to create unique and meaningful spaces.

Graduating from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in 2017, Laure Friès has distinguished herself in the architectural world through her international and multidisciplinary journey. Following her studies, she refined her expertise by working for renowned agencies, notably Sou Fujimoto Architects in Tokyo and Paris. This diverse experience has enabled her to master all phases of an architectural project, from conception to construction.

Her career has taken her across Switzerland, Japan, Myanmar and Mexico, enriching her architectural sensitivity and developing a unique pragmatism. These varied influences are reflected in her projects, ranging from small interventions to large constructions, each marked by profound simplicity and strong emotional resonance.

In 2023, Laure Friès founded her own architectural studio in Paris, pursuing her ambition to create works that are both poetic and minimalist. Her projects place human scale at the heart of the design, with particular attention to natural materials. She seeks to challenge and redefine the way we live, both in interior and exterior spaces, through an architecture that is refined yet deeply expressive.

In parallel with her architectural practice, Laure also explores the world of painting with an experimental approach. Inspired by construction tools and gestures, she creates unique artworks using building instruments. This practice becomes a form of meditation for her, where each gesture transforms into an automatic artistic expression.

Laure Friès’ work sits at the intersection of architecture, art, and design. Her singular vision and dedication to the use of natural materials make her creations both raw and poetic, reflecting a profound contemplation of our interaction with the built environment.